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Welcome to the ACR Aboriginal Programs Project Website

The Aboriginal Programs Project is a major research initiative sponsored by the Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR), Western Economic Diversification Canada and Alberta Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.    

The Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR) initiated the Aboriginal Programs Project in 2002 as a way for its members to share the benefits of their experiences in working with Aboriginal communities.  The ACR saw value in helping its members learn from the experience of other companies and organizations with respect to the types of programs and practices that have been successful, and the factors that have contributed to success.

In 2005, the Aboriginal Programs Project launched a new phase intended to broaden participation in the initiative and provide public access to the results.  For this purpose, 87 companies and other organizations have shared details of their Aboriginal programs and practices.  The result is a unique window on what the resource industries are doing in Aboriginal relations.

This website is a gateway to the programs and practices documented by the ACR Aboriginal Programs Project, as well as to related resources and information generated by this initiative.  You are invited to browse through the website and to use the information contained therein.  We simply ask that you credit the “ACR Aboriginal Programs Project” where material is quoted or drawn from the website. 

2006 - Learning from Experience: Aboriginal Programs in the Resource Industries


2003 - Aboriginal Programs Project: Sharing Knowledge


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